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Dowghter of fortitude

I am the dowghter of fortitude,
& ravyshed every howr, from my youth,
for behold, I am understanding, & science dwelleth in me:
& the hevens oppress me,
They covet and desyre me with infinite appetite
few or none that are erthly have embraced me
for I am shadowed with the circle of the sonne :
and covered with the morning clouds :
My feet are swifter than the wynds,
& my hands are sweter than the morning dew.

My garments are from the beginning :
& my dwelling place is in my self.
The lyon knoweth not where I walk :
neyther do the bestes of the field understand me.
I am deflowered & yet a virgin.
I sanctifie & am not sanctified
happy is he that embraceth me.
for in the night season I am sweete,
in the day full of pleasure

my company is a harmony of many Cymballs
And my lips sweeter than helth it self.
I am a harlot for such as ravish me :
and a virgin with such as know me not :
for lo I am loved of many: & I am a lover to many:
and as many as come unto me as they should do,
have theyr enterteynment.
Purge your streets o you sons of men,
& wash your howses clean.

Make your selves holy, & put on righteousness.
Cast out your old strumpets, & burn theyr cloathes.
Absteyn from the company of other women that are defyled,
that are sluttish, & not so handsome, & bewtiful as I.
And then will I come & dwell amongst you.
And behold I will bring furth Children unto you:
& they shall be the sons of comfort
I will open my garments,
& stand naked before you
that your love may be more enflamed toward me.

As yet, I walk in the clowdes,
As yet, I am carryed with the wyndes :
And can not descend unto you
for the multitude of your abbominations,
& the filthy lothesomnes of your dwelling places.
Behold these fowre,
who is he, that shall say, they have synned :
or unto whom shall they make accownt?
Not unto you, you sons of men,
nor unto your children :
for unto the lord belongeth
the Judgment of his servants.

Now therfor, let the erth give furth her fruits unto you :
And let the mowntayns forsake theyr barrenness
wher your fotestepps shall remayne.
happy is he that saluteth you :
& cursed is he that holdeth up his hands against you.
& power shall be given unto you
from hence furth to resyst your enemies :
& the lord shall allways here you
in the tymes of your trubbles.
And I am sent unto you to play the harlot with you :
And am to enrich you with the spoyles of other men :
prepare for me, for I comme shortly.
Provyde your Chambers for me
that they may be swete & clenly :
for I will make a dwelling place amongst you :
and I will be common with the father & the sonne, yea
and with all them that truely favoreth you
for my youth, is in her flowre
and my strength is not to be extinguished with man.
Strong am I above & below.
Therefor, provyde for me.
for behold I now salute you.
And let peace be amongst you :
for I am the Dowghter of Cumfort.

Disclose not my secrets unto women :
nether let them understand how swete I am.
for all things belongeth not unto every one.

I comme unto you again.

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