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A Serious Warning!

I am tired of the low-level niveau regarding magic, shamanism and occult phenomenons in the internet. So I have to emphasize this again: Dear beginner! KEEP AWAY FROM ENOCHIAN MAGIC! THAT IS SERIOUS! - Otherwise: he that will not hear must feel and hopefully afterwards you are still capable of learning something from your mistake. This section of my website is for your information only. Its purpose is to give the advanced magician some further ideas. The energies in the Æthyrs are much too strong and can crush one single soul incidentally.

The Mastery of the Thirty Æthyrs

    This part of enochian angel-magic is an unique system of initiation in high-magic. The nineteenth call openes the gates to the thirty Æthyrs. The one that is nearest to our physical plane is TEX, the 30. Æthyr. The remotest one is LIL, the first Æthyr. Aleister Crowley was the first human that opened all thirty Æthyrs and dictated his visions. His assistant wrote anything down as Crowley was uttering the vision's details. I recommend his book "Liber CDXCII - Vision and Voice" to anyone that really wants to start working with the Æthyrs.

     Each Æthyr is reigned by three or four angels, the governors. Their seals or signs are all unique and the hidden association of the governors to the elements is the link between the elemental magic of the Golden Dawn and the path of initiation through the Æthyrs.

     The thirty Æthyrs are often arranged like an onion's skin, as you can see in Schueler's books, in Geoffrey James' book or in the original manuscripts of John Dee. The innermost Æthyr is TEX which is nearest to our physical plane. In my shamanic journeys I discovered that there are many lower and upper worlds, connected with a kind of axis (some would describe this axis as world-tree). If you fly long and fast enough down or up this axis it begins to bend itself and soon become a ring. If the velocity is high enough I can be ejected from this ring and enter a conceptual plane that makes it clear to me that the enochian elemental tables (or the Great Table itself) are the matrix of our time-space-illusion we live in. The Æthyrs are beyond this conceptual plane as other dimensions in the right angle to this plane of existence. With the nineteenth call you can open up gates to these Æthyrs and work with them. It is important to note that you have to proceed through all Æthyrs in a sequence, beginning with the 30. and ending with the 1. - Do not skip one! Æthyrs you already have visited you can visit again without keeping any sequence. Here you can see the onion's skin way of arranging the Æthyrs around the physical plane itself.

Anordnung der 30 Æthyre

    Between 1996 and 2010 I visited all thirty Æthyrs in a row. Currently I am writing an elaborated account on what I have witnessed, seen and experienced in this time. Because many visions are complicated and multi-layered this task is quite time-consuming. My own practical approach is nothing you should attempt to copy, here I only describe the overall layout of my personal approach:

    At first I analyze the Æthyr which I want to visit with cabbalistical and rational methods. I wrap my mind around the concepts and ideas beyond the Æthyr and have an eye on all the governors of it, too. Because I am not that great cabbalist at all my analysis in this are rather crude and often discordic. Each Æthyr I visit at least twice, sometimes three times. Between these visitations I often take a break of some days to settle down and get the vision grounded. Sometimes I have longer breaks between two Æthyrs - the longest one were several years.

    I invoke the nineteenth call in normal tempo of speech. When I reach the half of it the reality makes a jump to the side and the Æthyr is slowly opened. Then I visualize a gate and the three seals of the governors on it. As soon as the gate openes I am gating through into the Æthyr. Some sessions take up to 45 minutes or longer. The work with the Æthyrs is fractal in nature and in many parts subjective by default. That means that you can work on one single Æthyr forever. You never actually stop to work on one Æthyr. Well, Crowley's visions are highly compressed and extremely thelemitic-flavoured. My own, however, are strongly influenced by my own paradigmatas.

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