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    Because the Heptarchia Mystica was hidden in the secret drawer in the false bottom of Dee's chest, Meric Casaubon was not aware of it and thus have not published it. This missing of the Heptarchy could be traced until modern times, because neither the Golden Dawn nor other magicians paid any attention to it. Although you can easily figure out that some items that are more part of the Heptarchia Mystica play important roles in enochian angel-magic.

    The first sessions that Kelley and Dee conducted, were rather simple and no special instruments were used, except the crystal-globe Kelley stared into during the prayers and calls of Dee. After some time an angel appeared in the globe that communicated with Kelley. In the course of the sessions the magicians received instructions to construct various special items used in enochian scryings and rituals. They also were informed about how they had to use them. For sessions to come they got detailed informations on the holy stone, the altar of practice, the seven planetary banners of creation, the Sigillum Dei Æmeth as well as four smaller sigills they had to place under the tables legs. Further instructions were given, concerning the silken clothes and the round sigills that have to be placed under the feet of the seer, a ring and a lamen, that had John Dee's name encrypted in its enochian letters. John Dee used all these items later on. He was of the opinion that they are quite important for contacting the angels. The manufacture of these items was quite expensive and Kelley established the contact very well without these paraphernalia. The minimum of ritual-items for an enochian scrying-session is the altar, the seven banners of creation, the great Sigillum Dei Æmeth, the smaller versions of it, the crytal-ball, the lamen and the ring. It is up to you to work with these tools or not. The magicians of the Golden Dawn never used any of these items and nonetheless produced good results.

    One of the first items that the angels described was an engraved golden ring. It is not sure whether the ring was an invention by Kelley or not because the angelic name "PELE" appears likewise in other magical works that could have served Kelley as resource. Dee noted: "Vide Reuclini Librum de Verbo Mirifico de nomine PELE". The name also appeares in Agrippa's occult philosophy. According to the angels king Solomon used this ring, its real design was lost over the time. In my opinion this account served the purpose of sanctifying the ring and enhance its value because it was common in those times to ascribe magical works or handed-down informations to this mythical king Solomon who is still well-known for practicing angel-magic. It is remarkable that the letters on the ring are written in latin. It is possible that the angels wanted the magicians to understand the design of the ring. It can be assumed that the ring actually has to be engraved with enochian letters.

    It is possible that the crystal-globe used as focus for Kelley was the result of a rapport, because during the session on April the 28th in the year 1582 an angel described this crystal-ball and told Dee to put it into his hands. To Dee's surprise the crystal-ball was indeed at the said location in his working-room. It is not very plausible to think that Kelley had previously bought it and deposit it there. Crystal-spheres like the one Dee found were and still are very expensive. Dee used the crystal-ball in all later sessions and placed it unto a golden frame. John Dee considered the crystal-sphere being a most holy item because it materialized due to the angels' intervention. In this kind of session rapports are sometimes taking place so this interpretation is well in the range of possibility. Kelley simply could not effort to buy one. The crystal-globe can be seen today in the British Museum. For your own practice try to find out which kind of crystal-sphere you are working best with. Using a smoke-quartz like the one John Dee used is quite interesting. A clear rock-crystal or an obsidian-sphere are excellent for scrying, too. Instead of a golden frame you also can use a tripod that keeps the sphere at its place during your ritual.

    John Dee received two different amulets that he should wear during the sessions. The first however, as the angel Uriel pointed out, would be a false one and the devil's work and only the second one would be the correct one. The first lamen has a goetic outlook and the second one is more typical to enochian designs. The first lamen should be engraved in gold and the second one written on parchment, with a lateral length of four inches, in yellow oil-colour. It should be worn around the neck. How the magician should actually wear it was not described and is left to the magicians style and intuition. The second lamen is remarkable in the way, it should have John Dee's name encrypted in it. Even John Dee himself did not find any key to it. To personalize this lamen you can use your own magical name on the backside of it.

The daemonic lamen

The angelic lamen

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