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The Vision of the Round House, 14. January 1584

    Only Donald Tyson is mentioning this quite important vision of the power currents of the Great Table. Because the "house" that represents the Great Table in this vision, Tyson named it accordingly. I did a german translation of this important vision, in order to spread it to non-anglophonic speakers, too. Here I am only reproducing it, using Casaubon as resource ("True and Faithful ..." Pgs. 355-359). The two magicians received this vision in Prague, on 14th January in the year 1584.

E.K.: Here is Dee (Dee's Note: LEVANAEL as may appear Febru. 5. post 3 ultima parte.) one with a Vail afore his face, as it were, a Hair Cloth of Ash-colour: I know hin not yet: I see a Garden full of fruit, of divers sorts. In the midst of it is a place higher then the rest. On that place standeth a round House (E.K. Note: The House is round without and square within), it hath four corners, [within] and 4 Windows: and every Window is round, and hath 4 round partitions, round also. It hath 4 Doores, and at the East Door is one step, at the South 2 steps, and at the North 3, and at the West Door, 4 steps: The first Door is white, like Chrystal, transparent: The South Door is red of an high colour, transparent. The North Door is bright black, not to be thorough seen, as the rest. The West is green, lika an Emerald Stone: So is the South Door like a Ruby. The Doores be all plain. The House within (as it may be judged by the transparent Doores) seemeth to be white, and empty.

E.K.: He that hath his face covered, openeth the East Door (Fire), and all the House seemeth to be on fire, like a furnace. The fire within doth weve, and move about the House, and by the roofe. Now he opened the West Door (Water), and there appeareth, as if all the House were a fountain full of water. And there run divers streames, in the same one water, whereof, one doth go and come, as if it ebbed and flowed, which stream doth go about all the rest, by the sides of the House, that is, as if it were the Ocean sea compassing the World. The next stream, within that, moveth from the 4 sides ward, and make (in manner) 4 Triangles, or rather Cones, of water, whose vertices rest cut off (as it were) by the middle stream of water which occupieth the middle or Center of the House, and is in circular form invironed.

An other manner of stream there is, which commeth from the 4 corners of an innermost square: and so run diametraliter or contradictorie wise, toward that circular middle stream.

The middle stream seemeth to issue out at the very Center of the place, and to mount up, and making an arch of his course, doth seem to fall circulariter in one circumference.

E.K.: The fire also had diversity in it.

Dee: I would you had noted the diversity of the fires also.

Levanael: Those that learn truly, learn by parts.

E.K.: The colour of the water in the Center, is most pure white. The waters of that Saint Andrews Crosse, are like a water somewhat Saffronish coloured. The waters of the Trianglesm are somewhat like a watrish blew, which appeareth most, in the top of the arches of their flowing: For all spring otherwise. The uttermost water, is of Quick-silver shew, as if it were somewhat moritifed. (Dee's Note: In the figure following, you may gather a better and more ease understanding of this Description of the water streams. Here is a blank, or void space in the Original Copie: but no figure.)

E.K.: Now he openeth the Fire Door againe: And the fire appeareth in a square place. And there appeareth 4 fires filling the whole place, leaving nothing vacuum. One of these fires seemeth to rise from the Central of the place, and to go in low arches to the 4 corners of the House. The House seemeth to have 14 foot long in every side. The arches of these fires seem to come from a trunk of fire, which riseth from about the Center: and seemeth to be 4 foot over in the Diameter. This Trunk seemeth to be high three quarters of the height of the place; The place seemeth to be as high as it is broad. On the top if this fiery trunk, seemeth the fire to be in form of a fiery Globe, having 6 foot, his Diameter, which fire reverberateth and rolleth in it self.

Here is a blank, or void space in the Original Copie: but no figure

From the sides if the Trunk (between the said Globe and foresaid Arches,) goeth up fire Triangularly, filling all, saving that which remaineth filled, by the flames of fire, which ariseth from the Globe to the 4 corners of the House, filling all the place above the Globe: as by the figure annexed, more plainly appear.

E.K.: Note The colour of the fire of the 4 arches, is very red. The rest are very pure, Aerial, candent, &c, The Motion of the trunk is swiftest. The Original Center of all these fires, seemeth to be very little.

E.K.: Now he openeth the red Door. (Aire) The House seemeth darkish, of colour of the smoak of a Wax Candle being put out.

Levanael: By it self, it is not, but by the Sunne, it is clear.

E.K.: It hath 4 motions in it also: every one moving more swiftly then the other: All from the middle of the House. Three of them move arch-wise to the sides. The first and second arise to half the height to the place. The third occupieth the other half. The fourth goeth upright to the top of the House. The second his space (that he striketh against on the Wall) is double to the space of the Wall, against which the first smiteth.

(Earth) - Here is a blank, or void space in the Original Copie: but no figure

E.K.: Now he openeth the black bright Door. And the House there seemeth full of black dust, like Gun-powder colour, or somewhat of Leadish colour.

    This vision is noteworthy for some things. It describes precisely the three-dimensional currents of power in the Great Table. These description are giving clear informations that the Great Table is not a twodimensional construct, but possesses a spatial dimension, too. Also it is describing different power-currents for the four classical elements fire, water, earth and air. Here in this vision for the first and only time the Great Table is being associated with elements and directions corresponding to them. So the east corresponds to a crystal white colour, the south is in rubin-red, the west is greenish and the north is a brownish black. Fire is in the east, air in the south, in the west is water and in the north the element earth. These correspondences are different to the ones that are in use today. By the time the vision was recorded the revisioned table of Raphael was three years into the future and the original table was still in use.

    I want to direct your attention to the typical enochian way of compressing informations, as it being shown in the Great Table. The table has different levels of meaning and information. The Great Table and its Black Cross are symbolic for the complete physical plane and is the two-dimensional name of it. An analogy to a great city sprang into Dee's mind, too. The four watchtowers are themself angels in their own right - so the physical plane is one angel, which is four angels, just like the tetramorph. Similar to the Great Table, the watchtowers are the names of those angels. The next level is more detailed. Each watchtower hosts a holarchy of angels, whose names can be extracted by various methods, as you can see here. The Great Table is overlayed by the sigils of the 92 Gouverneurs of the Earth, who are important when you are working with the Æthyrs or with the regions of the Earth itself. They do not have any connections to the angelic holarchies represented in the watchtowers. At last each lettered square of the Great Table is a gate to a different elemental plane.

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